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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What is Tina up to?

Well howdy all....
I have a lot to share.  First, the duck... if you did not see my update on facebook, then..... you need to go see it. Basically, The Goose got hit by a car and was paralyzed but is well enough to sit with the female goose who is still nesting eggs. The Animal Control League has place wire netting fence around the Geese with a little pool of water inside the fence as well so that the Geese have water.  There are still big warning barrels on the road near the geese, along with a new sign cautioning passers by.
So, at this point, all is well with the geese.

Next.  Some of you know that I have been working on my weight, I am happy to say that in the last three and a half months I have lost nearly 30lbs.  Good for me, I feel better.

My business is busy, I am getting new clients and it is growing rapidly.  This is great and exciting for me.

All in all, life is good. I would like to end this post with a poem I once wrote and recently shared with a friend who suggested I post it on my blog. So...here goes:

written by Tina Payton

In my life are many shoes,
Shoes that help me pay my dues.

My work shoes help me do my job,
they give me lots of bounce.

My house shoes make my feet feel soft,
like I don't weigh an ounce.

My sandals are for when it's dry
and I can go outside.

My high-heels are for dressing  up,
and going out at night.

But the shoes I like the best,
are not shoes at all,

But simply my bare feet,

and they feel best when I fall into bed
and snuggle them on my sheets.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Only in a Small Town

Hello to all,

Recently, here in Boerne, TX. We have had a Goose that has caught our local news.  Mr. Goose and his little lady friend never would have guessed that ducking into the bushes one night would cause such a raucous, but it has.  You see, she is now nesting her eggs and he is having to keep watch for traffic and anything else that might be a hazard to them.  The reason he is doing this is because they crossed the street, maybe heading for "The Dodging Duck", (A restaurant across the street from the river) to have some fun in the bushes, only to find that he was stuck there for who knows how long playing guard.  It's the craziest thing: This road is a pretty busy road almost all day long here in town.  Someone has put out cones and a caution sign so that passers by will be careful and watch out for the Geese.   People actually slow down.  Soon the little goslings will hatch and have to cross the street; I am hoping there will be a road guard at that time to make sure the little Goose family crosses safely.  
You'll notice if you look closely to the right, Mother Goose is there nestled in the bushes.
Here is Father Goose, watching the corner area.
This is where all the other Geese are, across the street from Mr. (I wanted to go party at the Dodging Duck) Goose.
The entrance sign to a lovely town: Boerne, Tx. 

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hello to all,

Well, so much since the last post.  First, my precious little girl, (Yellow Lab), Delilah now has a new family.  Yes, she is gone.  I have raised Delilah since she was a baby.  She has been literally by my side for nearly three years.  It is weird not having her here but because my circumstances have changed so much, and because I love her more than any other dog ever, I chose to find her a place where she could run and play without the confinements we encounter here in my town home complex.

Other news... I had the sinus surgery I was planning on having; so far Nothing new, still stuffy, wondering if the surgery might not have been everything I needed.  So, now I am jittering away on steroids to help me breathe.

Also... in my quest to better my financial life, I thought maybe giving up my little business and getting a job job.  I began looking and even interviewed at a few places.  Nothing popped up.  Then one day I was sitting out on my patio enjoying the breeze and a glass of wine when it finally came to me.  "It" being the answer I have been waiting for.  How to grow my business.  You see, in the past I have tried to grow it, but to no avail.  I was hiring before growing, not advertising, etc... Needless to say my past attempts did not work.  I just never added more clients because I was afraid I would not be able to do the work.  Then, that day on the patio this thought came to me:  "You have a perfectly good business, why in the world are you looking for a job where you'll get paid $8.00 an hour"?  I thought, yeah, this is true.  Then I thought, "Add more clients, do the work yourself, save up, then when the time is right, hire".  So.  I figured, "Shoot, can't hurt to try".  So, I started putting my card out in more places, told a few people and before I knew it the phone started ringing more and I am getting busier.  So, looks like my enterprenour (sp) spirit could not be stifled.  I will march on!

Other news.... I had started working on loosing some terribly unwanted pounds.  When I began a while back, I think April or May, I weighed 180lbs.  (The most I have ever weighed - un-pregnant).  Today I am weighing in at 160lbs.  Happy to say.  I continue on to a healthier and more active life.

One little piece of entertainment for you, this little girl is so cute preparing for her day with a song! Enjoy:

Well, that about sums things up for me, see you again in a week or two.
Leave me a comment, it's nice to know when friends stop by.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Happy Weekend Outing.......


It's been a busy while since I made a new post.  Well, here goes....
The weekend started out with a drive to Temple. 
After returning home from the drive I took a nice long nap, then had a cup of tea, read the paper and then went with my son on a nice long hike through one of our favorite hiking areas in town.  
Thankfully I took my camera along and took lots of pics. 
I hope you will enjoy the scenery as much as we did.
Afterwards we enjoyed a lovely dinner and now for a nice movie and some popcorn to finish off the day.
Hope everyone has a fantastic Mothers day on Sunday and I look forward to hearing all the wonderful stories this coming week.

~The entrance onto the path~

Look who we saw out at the park representing Texas........ 

This breathtaking view was ours for the taking, and we took it!  

Not sure what this little purple flower was, but it sure was pretty! 

Hey, I wonder who lives here....??? 

A Washed up Log.....  

Ben talked me into going across the river to the "Hidden Island"! 

As the hike started coming to an end I asked God for one thing, I asked for a neat sign from nature, a sign of His love.  I thought I would see a heart shaped rock, or something like that, but instead I saw something even more amazing........ 

As I walked along, my eye took notice of a dried leaf.  I glanced back at it and thought it looked like a butterfly.  I got closer and thought, "Yeah, it kind of does look like a butterfly".  Then just as I began to take the picture, I noticed what was right above the leaf....take a look. It's a Caterpillar.  God is amazing in the way He speaks to us, isn't He.  
So comes an end to my Hike.  One more beautiful view of the river and those tall tall trees that once sat with, listened in on, protected and enjoyed the company of American Indians from days gone by.  Travelers that followed along the river for fortune or a new life.  People seeking safety during times of danger in the early days of our Town. These trees are so tall and you just have to wonder what they have seen.  

"Tis the mystery of the River".

Be blessed,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Garden on the go

  • Hello and Happy weekend to all...I have just finished working on a project that I have been putting off and putting off.  My Wagon Garden project. 

    You see... I have had to let a lot of things go in my life in the last couple of years, but some things you just HAVE to hold on to.  Well, this wagon was one of those things for me.  The wagon was a gift to my kids when they were 10, 5 and 6 mo.  They are now 23, 19 and 14.  That wagon has seen a LOT of action.  I mean, I have so many photos and fun memories with my kids and that wagon.  So, the wagon is a keeper.  But... what to do with the wagon, it takes up a lot of space on my patio.  

A Wagon Garden!  Woo Hoo.
First I checked to see if the wagon had holes for drainage.  I don't currently have a drill and didn't want to have to hammer holes into it (My neighbors might think I am wacky).  It did have two holes, Woo Hoo again... two holes were enough for me.

 Then its time to put stuff in the wagon... I start with a little bark and compost I had been saving for quite some time to use for this project.  (Boy was it stinky).

After the compost I add a good garden dirt mixture.. A good ol' bag of potting soil -Thats my secret ingredient.

Now its time to get out those old seeds from the past and start deciding where every seed and seedling is going to go...

Above are some seedlings I had planted a few weeks ago.  These might be lavender or basil, I can't remember.  (Note to self, start labeling things!)

Once everything is in place, it's time to find the right place... the right place for the garden on the go.
So, we're off and rolling to get some sun.  I'll keep you posted with updates on how things look as they grow.  I can't tell you all that is in the garden.  Some seeds weren't labeled, I couldn't find my old lavender seeds I had saved, but they might have been mixed into the dirt, hmmm, not sure.  Either way - it's going to be gorgeous and I can't wait till it's in full bloom.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Can You Believe This???

Good Afternoon,
I am sitting here in my living room, resting after having finished a big cleaning job.  Whew....that was a fun one.
I was just thinking about how my weekend end went, re-enjoying the time I had with my kids, etc..
When I remembered something that took place that was hard to believe.
I went into my kitchen to turn on a little lamp.  It would not turn on. I think,  "You know, this is weird.... just the other day I threw away my pancake electric griddle because it had finally died; a few days before that I threw away my waffle maker, thinking 'it was getting old anyway'...figured it's time had finally come".  But when I went to turn on the lamp and it wouldn't work and a new light bulb made no difference - I knew something is wrong!  I then remembered about the fuse box and how sometimes they trip.  So, I go to the fuse box and try a few things and then, walla! Everything works.
Now, I am sort of bummed! I threw away a perfectly good skillet and waffle iron. Good thing I figured things out before I tossed the lamp and radio!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Weight Issue............

Hello everyone,
Today I would like to announce that since the beginning of my weight loss commitment, I have lost 11 lbs.
It is leaving me slowly, but it is leaving me.
I have been exercising daily, with a couple days off here and there.  I remain a fairly active woman anyways. But I have been using an elliptical, weights, bicycle, and treadmill.
I have been doing at least 30 minutes of sweat a day.
So far the stack of jeans still sits waiting patiently, I try, I cry, I fold them back up and continue on.
I do not have the money nor will I give in anyways to going and buying 'Big girl' clothes.
I will just wait.
Diet changes include a lot of juicing in my juice machine; no chips, cookies, candies, cake, etc...
I have one big meal daily, the others are small, but satisfying.
I drink a lot of water.
Now, I realize the areas that need to change: Beer... I do like the taste and a good cold one is always nice after a long day - but I think they may need to go now as well.
Candy: Ohhhhh, sometimes I just CRAVE milk chocolate.  I had my fill on Easter. Done for now, until my next PMS.
But other than that.... I think I'll be ok.  I will continue to run on the treadmill despite my aching foot and ankle.  And will report back when I have lost another 10 lbs.
See ya.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh Single life is SOOO Funny!

Well, Good Morning..........It is Easter Sunday today as I write.
Oh my, Tina... on the computer on Easter??? But why?
Here is why...
Last night my married young daughter and her hubby came by to eat and play video games.
I realized that my daughter would not be here Easter morning so I put together a big basket of yummies and gave it to all three of them to munch on while they hang out.  They loved it.
This morning, I slept in, went for a run and my son is out with his sister for awhile, so... Why not, enjoy some quiet computer time.
So, this is what I want to write about today.  Being Single.
You see, I never really expected to be single.  So, once I became single I suddenly realized how available I was.
Like, OMG - I can date now.  Wierd.
So, my first suitor was a real nice man, quite a bit older than me (lets just say he graduated high school the year I was born).  But he was handsome, had a real smooth demeanor and his eyes were sexy and he had dimples.  Not to mention he was a real neat Father to his sons and I admired that.  We were never an 'item', but we enjoyed each others company for along time.  We remain good freinds to this day but choose to keep that way.  Then came the musician: WOW, he was wild, fun, free, and he sang songs on his guitar to me.  How romantic is that?  He was pretty sexy to me, BUT.... yes, the big BUT, he liked drugs!  So... out he went.
Next was the Biker! Woo Hoo..Wild, loved to cook out, drink beer.  We went on great long rides on his Harley! However, he accidentally slipped in his coolness one day and showed me his abusive side.  All it took was one shake of the shoulders and it was 'bye bye'.  So, after a couple of months and by suggestion of a friend, I signed up for a dating site.  I had three dates on that before I cancelled.  Lets see: Date #1.  A little older, took me to a neat place out in the Hill Country with birds, and turtles, food, beer.  Than he wanted to cook me dinner at his house, I show up, he is in his P.J.'s, scratching his belly!  That was the last of that one.  Date #2.  A fairly handsome man, met me at a local eatery, than began to bash all his previous online dates and then sent me a letter telling me that I should dress different and get braces.  Done! Date #3.  Lets just say, I felt as though I were having dinner with my Dad.  So...after a  breath of fresh air and and readiness to head forward alone,  I was introduced to "the big guy".  Yup, this next one was a little heavier than he would have liked to have been.  He had great aspirations of making changes to be a healthier person.  He was a nice guy, cooked real good, very generous, but some of our life style choices clashed and were the kind of clashes that were (in a term I have come to learn).. deal breakers.
So, here I sit, enjoying a nice Easter morning alone.  Not for long... it's almost time to make Easter Breakfast. So... your married girls, enjoy your day with hubby.  Single friends, watch out - there are alot of interesting people out there (I say a little sarcastically).  Fellow aloners.... enjoy your time while you have it!
Love to all.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aloneness is not the same as lonliness

As I lay in bed last night drifting off to sleep I thought about my sisters.  You see, one of them recently had a birthday and wrote about the wonderful present her hubby gave her.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know my sister is happy.
I thought about a time in my past when I was a young mother, still married, and determined to honor God to the best of my ability in my marriage.  My three sisters where all, at that time, single.  I envied them so much, I wondered what it must be like to be so 'free'.  
Funny how life changes things.  Here we are nearly two decades later and they are all very happilly married and I am divorced.  
So, as I lay in bed thinking about all this, I thought about the fact that they all have someone to snuggle with tonight as they go to sleep.  
Then, I thought, "Hmmm, I don't know if I am sad that I don't have a snuggle buddy or not".  You see my ex was a big sweater and I hated touching him when he slept, not to mention he preferred a big pillow over me.  
I thought about the commitment that comes with snuggling and realized I am not ready to give up part of myself in a committed relationship just so I can snuggle.  So.... I sleep alone.  No worries, I have a nice big dog that sleeps on the floor next to me and the sound of her snoring reminds me that I am not alone.  
So, back to the subject at hand - "Aloneness is not the same as lonliness".  Yesterday I did feel a bit alone, because I have a lot on my shoulders in life and sometimes it is a bit overwhelming.  I thought about how nice it might be to have someone I could rely on to help me in my life and be my 'partner'.  However, so far I have not found anyone that I have felt would make a good life partner for me.  So... I plug on alone.  But.... not lonely.  Nope, first of all I have God.  I can talk to Him and ask for his help.  Second I have a teenage son at home that I still need to cook for and tend to.  Third, I have friends and from time to time I get together with them.  But when I am alone, I garden, practice neat recipies, play my guitar, write letters, etc.... and when evening comes around I don't have to have a hot meal on the table.  When bedtime comes around I don't have to 'feel' sexy.  I just pass out in bed.  When I am writing in a journal I don't have to give explanation as to what I am writing about or is every thing ok?  I just write. Alone life can be quite fulfilling most of the time.  Call me strange, but it's true for me.  I eat what I want most of the time.  I wear what I want.  I decorate how I want.  
Now, some may say "But what about growing old, don't you want someone to grow old with?".  Well, I have given that thought, and maybe I will have someone to grow old with one day.  But today I am not old.  I have not yet found anyone that I truly look forward to spending my 'old' years with.  I don't want to be a caretaker, I don't want be held back by someone's lack of enthusiasm for life, and up to this point my options have not proven to be very promising.  Now, don't get me wrong, I know there are many very nice men out there.  But I am a little bit too much for most of them, when it comes to personality.  But I am not enough when it comes to looking like a playboy bunny.  What can I say, I am a naturalist and to some men, thats a turn off.  Oh well.  Like I said, I continue on living my life the way I want to.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not one of those women that doesn't shave.  I like to be WOMAN.  But, I don't want to have to compromise anything about myself just to keep a man happy.  And likewise I would not expect a man to feel the need to compromise himself. So, for now I live.... alone. But, not lonely!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well, it looks like she's staying!

Delilah is a lovely, beautiful but very clumsy, and slightly 'off' Golden Lab.  I got her when she was only 14 weeks old.  She has grown up with me for the last 2 1/2 years.  However, due to the fact that I had to move into an apartment about a year ago, I have bounced back and forth with the idea that maybe she would be happier elsewhere.  I put out a notice, but no takers.  Then she spent a month or so out in the country.  She was living as a dog; outside, running around, making friends with the goat next door, et...
Well, I picked her up last week with the plan of taking her out to meet with a lady who places dogs in good homes.  Sunday was the day that we were planning to meet.
Sunday came; it was almost time to go; I called my son downstairs.... I ask him "What do you think? Should we, shouldn't we? I just don't know."  Well, he says "Let's ask Delilah".... He takes her head in his hands, and says "Delilah, do you want to go find a new home"?  Well, she looks at him with this face that seemed to say "Huh? New home, what are you talking about? I am home silly, now if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to my nap".
So, we decided that Delilah was happy to be home with us and as much as a lumux as she can be, I think she just needs me and really loves me. So.... She's stayin!  By the photos I've posted, I think you will see that she is quite happy about my decision.

Hey, if you enjoyed the story, let me know... leave a comment, better yet - join as a follower.
Be blessed, have a great day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Adventure ~

Well, It's Sunday evening; I am just sitting down for the first time since Friday morning.  I am really excited about  my yard sale find this weekend and I would like to share.
I knew there was going to be a few out because the paper said so, and the weather was perfect.  I went to the "Biggie"... you know, the one that advertises of it's coming for about a month in advance. Yeah, well, that one was a flop.  I mean, either it was a rack of purses with tags still on them for $10.00, great price, only they looked like that was their origional cost.  Or..... They had things like soapy shower racks for five dollars.  Ughh, ew, gross.  So, I left there and headed for another that was so tiny, I actually passed it up once for lack of interest.  Well, I had some time to blow, so I decided to stop in.  I met a really neat older lady that told me she had sixteen siblings growing up.  Wow.  She got a kick out of me and my sister.  Anyways, I purchased a couple of ollllldddd little sofa tables for a steal.  Then I got a neat old and very uietaken care of rocker.... this thing looked terrible.   But, not for long.....
I took them all home and got right to work on the rocker.  I just KNEW this thing had life still left in it.  So away I went just rubbing New Life Oil into every square inch of the old wood.  I mean, I soaked it.  When I was finished I was amazed.  What once appeared to be a worthless piece of garbage old rocker, now looked like an aged, antique but well kept rocker with some value.
Now, of course I have to decide if I want to sell this baby at my booth in town for a NICE profit? Or do I want to keep it, throw a pillow on it and just rock away my stresses to the sounds of Spring? Hmmmm....
Your input would help.
But, as I write this little piece of info... I get to thinking about us humans.  How we can really get to lookin' pretty bad at some points in our lives.  Life's wear and tear can really do damage to our appearance.  And so often we are over looked because of our outer appearance.
Thankfully ~ God never overlooks us.  Ever!  He is like, "I'm here always, to the very end".  I love the feeling of knowing that no matter what.....God always loves us and is always looking out for us. What a God!
So, the next time your out looking for garage sales, don't pass the tiny ones  by so fast, you might find a hidden treasure there.
Blessing to all,
Tina :o)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ALIEN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now I am starting to read more and more blogs daily.  However, I have yet to find one that I can relate to when it comes to teen boys.  Seems that most of the bloggers I come across are Moms with grown kids or Moms of little tots.  Anyone out there have a 14-15 year old son currently?  Or does anyone know of a good blog I can go to? It would just be nice to know that there was SOMEONE OUT THERE experiencing the things I do.  A lady once told me that at around this age an Alien comes and takes over the boy and then about 6 months to a year or so later he comes back.  I think I am in the ALIEN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Childhood Pals

Facebook.  When I first started using it, I found all sorts of people on there that I recognized from high school, cool. As time went on, they started posting little pics of themselves with eachother as little tots. I mean, like preschool days.  I did not have any of these pics because unlike many of my high school class mates, I was not around to share the elementary days with my peers.
I was an Air Force brat, that means my family traveled and moved alot!
Now, when I first started seeing these pics pop up from my old high school pals I was, at first, a little saddened. I thought, 'hmmm, I don't have memories like that with them ~ pooey'.
But, yesterday I got to thinking..... I did have childhood buds that were always with me as I grew up and I have lots of photos with them.
You see, my chlid hood pals were my five siblings - Guy, Deb, Beck, Rick, and Kath.
Though we were stretched out over a ten year period of time, we were a gang.  Sometimes we played together, sometimes just one or two would play together, sometimes it was just being around eachother.
When I saw the photos from my old friends playing with eachother as preschoolers, I felt a little jealous at first. As though I maybe missed out on something.  Well, turns out I missed out on nothing. I not only had the best childhood pals, but I still have em.  Yup, the six of us, though spread far apart thorughout the Country, are tight!
Yes, as any siblings do, we have our differences, we all have our own opinions and gladly and boldly share them.  However, we know deep down inside, that we could not do with out eachother.
I live near two of my siblings and we started meeting once a month over a dinner at a local diner; just the three of us.  No spouses, no kids. Just us.  We talk, laugh, gossip, etc....
So, as I wonder what childhood pics I might post on Facebook of old play mates, I just go to the good ol' family album... take a couple out and remenise on the good ol' days with my childhood pals.
I had five good ones - and I still have em.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Smells and Memories

You know how smells and sounds can sometimes take you back to a place in your life.  Well, I would like to share today some of the things that take me back, and why.... I would love it if you would share also...

Rain - Well, rain when it is just sort of trickling down makes me think of a "Peter Rabbit" video I used to put on for my kids when they were little.  It was set in England, and it started out with Beatrix Potter writing a story... and as she writes, it turns into the cartoon story of Benjamin Bunny and Peter.  Maybe it's my years of living in England as a little girl, just daydreaming out in the beautiful country side and soaking up those little trickling rainy days.

Patchulie Oil - Reminds me of my brother Guy and days from my childhood and teen years when he was around.  He was much older than me, and I really looked up to him when I was young, so that smell makes me feel good.

BBQ - Who doesn't like this smell.  This one makes me think of when I was a teenager in El Paso, my friend Shawns Mom often took us along to Chamber functions that were sometimes out at some remote but very cool desert ranch where there were lots of people, lots of drinking and lots of good stuff on a big grill.
It was just neat to be there.

This is a weird one, but smell of a burning Marlboro Cigarette - This reminds me of the freedom I felt as a teenager in high school when we would jump in my friend Kelly's car and speed away from school, puffing away as we headed for trouble!

The smell of burning leaves, or brush in the distance - makes me think of when I lived in England as a child. The cool air, the misty countryside scene and the smell of burning leaves in the distance, mmmm.

SOS (Avon's Skin So Soft) - Reminds me of my Mother.  When we were growing up, she would often soak in a nice long bath with this stuff, then get all pretty and dressed nice right before my Dad got home from work. She was a beauty.

The smell of the heater vent when you turn it on for the first time in the winter, kind of that burning dust smell.
believe it or not this one is a nice memory for me.
It takes me back to when my first child was a baby, we lived in a tiny apartment, and I remember going in the kitchen in the morning for coffee and smelling that smell.

Ok, another weird one - The smell of newspaper - this one makes me remember how the bathroom smelled after my Dad had been in there for quite some time. haha

The smell of a brand new barbie or barbie house.  That just takes me back to when Kathy, my sister and I used to get new barbies for Christmas, or just playing with them for hours and hours.

The smell of mulled cider candles - this one reminds me of my friend Kim's house in The Colony, Tx.
they always seemed to have a candle that smelled of mulled cider burning.

Peach pot pourie - this smell reminds me of the office at the apartment we moved into in Dallas in 1989.

Well, thats enough smells for now.  As you can tell, I am a big smeller.  In fact, I have such a sensitive sniffer that I will actually stay away from places because of smells, some just make me sick.  One that truly is offensive to not just me, but lots of people:
OLP - this is my name for "Old Lady Perfume".  I have told my children that if I ever start wearing it by some freak accident, to please let me know, and toss me in the shower for a good scrub down.

I would be interested in hearing about smells, scents, etc... that take you back to something/somewhere.
Share away -
Until next time,
Be blessed, be happy, be healthy ~

Thursday, March 4, 2010

~Life is a journey full of paths~

Today as I was on my daily outdoor exercise, I got to thinking about something and it reminded me of a funny thing my ex-husband use to say to me.  I tell you this because I do from time to time have flashbacks of funny things he said to me.
About a month ago I got to worrying about this.  Was I missing him? Was I regretting divorcing him? What???Why would I be thinking nice things about him?
Well, here is the answer:  I am really working hard on making changes in my life right now, one area I really want to change is negative living.  (Negative eating, negative thinking, negative talk, negative money management, etc...) Trying to be a more positive person in general.
So, I thought to myself, Aha! I am learning to remember the good things about people in my past.  Even and especially those who might have caused me pain.
I had to remind myself that I was just learning to be more positive, that is why I was not concentrating on negative memories of my ex.
Another reason we don't want to dwell on the bad things about people in our past is this:
Everyone is on a journey - right?
Okay, now you may have left certain people in your past on this 'path' of life.
However..... if you should choose to sit down on a bench and take a rest on your journey, someone from your past may just catch up to you.  When they do, wouldn't it be better if they felt good to see you and maybe even decide to sit with you for a bit and visit and catch up on life.  Then you would pleasantly part ways and one of you would go on your way down your path on your journey and leave the other behind, in their past.
Just something I thought about on my little outdoor adventure today.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Saying goodbye to the past.........

Today I read an article that was talking about a couple of small towns and merging their schools.
A few weeks ago I was driving to a job when I noticed the beautiful landscape around me that had been chopped up, carved up, dug up or piled onto to build new homes, new subdivisions.
Last week I was jogging through a nearby neighborhood and admiring the cute little gingerbread type houses.  Still lived in, and nicely kept.  I thought about how much I loved the little town feel when I moved here; and then I thought about how in a few years or more, these little houses might be bought by a company and replaced by offices.

These thoughts caused me to realize even more how our 'little towns'.... the very towns that built our Country, are slowing going away.  Schools that once were small town schools, the pride of the town - merging to become a bigger school, so that they can get more funding.
Beautiful hills, wonderful for hiking - being torn apart to make homes for the people who sold thier little homes in town so someone could use it as a dentist office.
Ughhh, I know that growth is nesseccerry, but its so sad sometimes to watch history slowly dissapear.  I guess it's a part of life, but it's never really easy to say goodbye.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sometimes it's painful to learn the dance

Good day to all,
I hope that you are enjoying the rain, wind, sun, snow, etc.. (depending on which part of the country your in, or if your in Texas, which day it is).

I have been spending the last week exercising! I have jogged, walked, worked with some weights and am happy to say that the scale is reading a lower weight than it did when I started this thing last Monday.  Woo Hoo.  Won't really get to excited until the pants start fitting a bit looser.

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately.
I love to save little sayings or quotes that people make, say, or sing.

This week, I have felt like I was growing.  It could be that the exercise was making my mind a little clearer.  However, I feel a bit more hopeful.  You see I am trying to get into school. Funny thing is that everyone asks me "What are you going for"?  I don't ever have an answer.  I am just going.  I guess because it seems that going to school is a good thing for many different reasons.  I just want to learn, to grow mentally, to expand my horizons, if you will.
I have filled out most of the necessary paperwork, and am waiting on some information.  I am hoping to get this going in the Fall.
I have learned that my life is not really going to get better if I keep doing that same thing I have been doing for years. I need to stretch, and make some positive change. It won't be easy, but I can do it. I want my life to be the best it can be and I am determined. Life has not been super easy for me, but instead of sulking and looking back on the past, I am looking ahead to a better tomorrow.
So, this is the saying I want to share with you today, it's from a popular country song, it really says it all: "I could've missed the pain, but I'd had to miss the dance".  
I love that.  Looking back on life sometimes causes us to think about all the pain we have experienced.  Yet, without the pain, we would not be where we are, stronger, better educated in many areas, etc...
I guess I am thankful for the painful things I have encountered along the way. I am thankful for all the wonderful things I have encountered along the way. But I am really excited about all the adventures ahead for me.  Can't wait. Until then, I will jog, and walk and workout and do my best to be a healthy girl.
So, to you I say..... "Endure the pain, enjoy the dance".
Blessings to all,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On my way

Well, It's Tuesday. I went to the 'exercise clothing section' at my local Walmart store over the weekend and found some comfy pants to jog in.
So, now I am two days into my new program; "BUTT AND GUT BE-GONE"!
So far I have done the required exercise and have only cheated once each day on food intake.
Seriously people, I am taking baby steps here.
I hate to do this, but I am going to share my weight with you right here on my blog so that anyone who reads it can see it..................
You got it. I am not a slim chicken. I mean just a few months ago I weighed 160lbs and thought I was huge.
So, I have made a pact with my dear friend in Dallas, and we have made ourselves a goal and we are supposed to be helping each-other along the way with phone calls, but that isn't happening.
Anyways.... I am determined. So, here we go, the countdown begins! I will keep you posted along the way, but I don't want to make my blog all about loosing weight, so it'll be just a little here and there.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Excuses for not exercising!

I realized something yesterday: I am no longer the "Gladys Cravats" of my neighborhood. You see, I used to walk my dog alot around my apartment complex, but now, since she has been staying out in the country - I am not getting out walking. So... I cannot pick up on who's doing what around here. I guess that is ok, but it was kind of entertaining watching the goings on of the complex. Now if I get out to walk, I notice a bunch of new people living here, dang, I am missing out!

Really though, I should be out walking myself regardless of having a dog.
I truly am wanting to get back into shape (who's not), but I have found soooooooo many excuses for not!

Excuse #1. I am tired
#2. I am lazy
#3. I don't want to
#4. Maybe I'll just slim without exercise
#5. It's cold
#6. It's late
#7. It's dark
#8. I want to watch a movie instead
#9. I just want to relax
And of course my all time favorite:
#10. I have no exercise clothes.
You see, I have come to the realization that there is a 'uniform' for everything. We wear certain clothes to the store, the mall, to garden, to go out on a date, and also to exercise.
In fact, if you see someone out walking a dog in a pair of jeans and sweater - you think........ Hmmm, that person is walking thier dog.
BUT.... if you see a person out walking in jeans and a sweater alone - you think: Hmmm, I wonder if he ran out of gas? Or, "Why is that girl walking all alone". Or, "I wonder if that lady needs a ride".
Ok, so if you see someone running in jeans and a sweater or t-shirt, you might think, "What happened? Did he do something, is he running from the cops?"

You see, there is a uniform for exercise, they have a section for it in all department stores. Yes, cool running pants, shorts, shirts, etc....

If you do not have a budget to purchase these items, you are stuck in the jeans and sweater catagory. (That is if you can still fit in your jeans).

My budget is a tight one for sure, but so are my jeans, so I need to make a serious decision.
Do I go buy running clothes?
But then I'll ask myself: "Do I look fat in these running clothes"? "Will someone think I am a beginner"?
For goodness sake, I simply talk myself right out of the whole idea, and alas, here I am, still out of shape.

I guess it's time to take a serious stroll through the exercise clothing the next time I'm at the store; Ughhh, but then if I get the clothes - I HAVE TO ACTUALLY USE THEM!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My first Rodeo

Well, Last night was yet another first for me.... I went to the San Antonio Stock show and Rodeo.
Yes, I know, this may not sound like much to you but you have to understand, there were so many things I could not (enjoyably) do while married to the person I was married to, that I am now taking the time to do things I have always wanted to do. I always wanted to see a guy do the bucking bronco thing at a rodeo. Well, last night my sweet boyfriend took me and my son to see that and a lot more, including a country concert, another first.

One of the things I liked a lot was the cute little kids doing mutton bustin.
Where the little kids hangs on for dear life while a half shaved sheep goes running through the arena.

I was really impressed by the guys who hang on to the bareback horse and try to stay on for 8 seconds.

I was super impressed by the girls who did the barrels. I mean, they obviously have trained those horses and themselves to control themselves enough to get around those barrels fast and smooth.

It was obvious these kids really took a lot of pride in what they did and in their animals. Kind of made the whole "redneck" thing a little easier to understand. These people are serious about what they do, about their heritage. This is truly something they can be proud of.
Its a neat culture, I'm glad I live around it.

The concert after was Trace Adkins, not a favorite, but still enjoyable music.

The whole thing was real was nice, and my son loved it all. So overall, a wonderful evening.

I actually thought I was not going to be able to go, but then my boyfriend surprises me with tickets and off we went.

Monday, February 15, 2010

You know, I realize more and more every day that "God's ways are not our ways, nor are His thoughts our thoughts"....Let me explain......

When I was married, I had a M.I.L. that was more than hard to live with/deal with/understand/bear! But, I had no choice. Her son had no interest whatsoever in showing any compassion, care, understanding, etc... to his own Mother. Because I hated to see this (and also wanted to be sure my own kids would learn the importance of helping out elderly parents so that they would hopefully do it when I got old), I stepped in and did the things an adult child should do for an elderly parent. Checked in on her, had her come over to be around family and grand kids, invited her to dinner so she wouldn't be alone; encouraged her when she had cancer, offered to let her live in my house for a long time, I could go on....... This was, needless to say, exhausting, but if I didn't' do it, there was no one else. I just couldn't let that happen. Now, when I finally got divorced, I thought that maybe I might not have to deal with the M.I.L. anymore. After all, she wasn't my mother, right? Well, was I wrong! Her son moves 500 miles away. So, guess who makes sure the kids go over and give flowers, gifts, goodies, Christmas, etc.... to Grandma? Me! Not just that, today I go over and I give her pictures of her son that were taken with his kids on Christmas. Ughh, what am I doing? WHAT AM I DOING???? I am still serving.
WHY? Because regardless of my marital status, I am still a Servant of the Lord. I am still responsible to do what is right. While I was there I realized that this is a woman that for whatever reason finds pleasure in her feebleness. My guess is she likes to be felt sorry for. I prefer not to show her pity, but to show her sincere care. Today I chatted a bit with her and then washed her feet and filed her toenails.
Please understand this is not an opportunity to boast, but more to say, "Allow yourself to be used to help someone who cannot help themselves".
Yup, thats the way I see it.
I would love to hear your stories about times in your life when God has shown you something through a real life situation.

Time to get moving!

So, today I am thinking....hmmm, about 9 - 10 years ago I was chatting with my friend online when I mentioned my desire to write a book to her. She says to me "You have a computer, what is stopping you"? That was all I needed to hear at that time. I got busy writing, every day I was at it for a good couple of hours. I was so motivated, each chapter made me want to continue the story. About 650 pages into the novel, I stopped. I had come to a dead end. I had no ending. And so, the book went to sleep. It has been sleeping now for nearly 10 years.

Also at that time, I began to jog, I had never been athletic in my life; I had never been a runner thats for sure, but I began to notice along with the jogging that I was slowly loosing some unwanted pounds. I weighed about 160 lbs. Within four months of jogging and changing how I ate I was down to about 140lbs. I signed up for a 5k run (about 3 miles) and within two months I ran it and had also lost another 5lbs. I was looking good, feeling great, novel was being written, life was good.

So, what happened? Well, the 5k goal was gone, my running buddy got mad at me and left me for another friend, summer came and I got busy with the kids, and then fall came and it started to rain, and rain, and rain and rain! So.... I stopped running. I started baking, getting ready for the holidays. Needless to say.... I started to slowly gain the weight back and did not get back to the novel.

Why do I say these things, well... the friend that encouraged the book in the first place, whom I will likely dedicate it to, has since gotten more educated, more degrees, better work, more money, etc...

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not comparing myself. I am simply saying that when a person truly wants to reach a goal or get a task completed, nothing is going to stop them! Nothing!
So, what is stopping me?

1. Fear - fear that I may complete the book and not know how to publish it and feel my efforts were wasted.
2. Lack of motivation - circumstances can often cause us to loose our desire to go forward.
3. Focus - There is no way we can shoot a bullseye if we are focusing on too many targets. I was homeschooling my kids, working part time, busy as a church volunteer and working hard to keep my marriage alive.

So, Here I sit, thinking... Okay, its time to get back to the drawing board.
I still have the same fear about the book.
I still have circumstances.
I still have things to focus on besides these goals.
But.... NEWSFLASH TO SELF!!!!!!!!!!!.............. This is life! I will ALWAYS have to face fears, I will always have to motivate myself, I will always have other things to focus on. So, who the heck and what the heck is stopping me? ME!
Oh Lord, help me to get myself back on track.

I will keep you posted on the progress as I go; Not sure if I want to post my weight, but I'll let you know how things are going as I get back into the fitness scene.

So, that is what I am thinking about today, please feel free to share your thoughts as well.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Good day to all,
I have so much to share........... First of all I watched the Super Bowl game yesterday. Why do I say this like it is something unusual? Because it was the very first Super Bowl game, and probably the very first football game - that I have ever sat through entirely. Seriously! Up until about 2 weeks ago when I was at My Boyfriends house, I was about as interested in football as I was about Bungee Jumping over a snake pit. Really!
However... two weeks ago when I was with B-Friend, the game between the Saints and the one that has that Brett Favre guy... was on. I sat next to boyfriend to watch game because I like him and like sitting next to him. But as each play happened I became more curious; so I started asking questions, and he just answered them so nicely and easily to understand (because this is just the kind of guy he is). So, it was easier to understand the game, and now I like it and can't wait for next season. Actually found myself today wondering who I would start the season off rooting for~! Go figure!

Anyways.... I was online this morning and saw an article called "Men's most annoying habits".
Of course I read it. However, (and yes I am bragging)....I had to admit that so far, I have not seen any of these in my boyfriend. The habits were: 1-5

1.1. Over-zealous light turning-off.

I thought this was something only I had to suffer, but my writer friend Jenna, 40, assures me it is not.

“My husband calls me ‘Light-Leaver-Onner’ and subsequently walks around shutting off lights, including inrooms I am in. I’ll be using the toilet and he’ll walk by, open the door and turn off the light.”

But is this a green thing? A money thing? Who knows, but it seems to me that these guys are all taking An Inconvenient Truth just a little too far…

Case in point: My husband’s favorite line, whenever he discovers I’ve (yet again) left the light on in the basement laundry room, “Mother Earth is crying.”

2.2. Leaving wet towels on the bed.

A gal we’ll call Penny, 36, tells me with a sigh, “I had an ex-fiancĂ© who always, and I mean always left wet towels in the middle of the bed. He'd take a shower, walk into the bedroom, drop the towel in the middle of the bed, get dressed and leave. The wet towel would sit there all day long. Ick.”

Ick indeed. But why? Are beds and towel racks so similarly shaped that guys get confused? And let me just point out that she says ex-fiancé.

OK, some guys at least make an effort to put their things away…but when it comes right down to it, good intentions alone aren’t quite enough.

After reading our article on the annoying things women do, one commenter, “Bandijacks”, shared her pet peeve about guys: “The most annoying thing for me is when they almost put something away, but not quite. Like putting the dirty dishes beside the sink rather than inside, or putting dirty clothes on top of the hamper rather than opening it and putting them inside. Grrr.”

Come on guys, you’re so close. Close, but no cigar!

3. 3. Turning into big babies when they get sick.

Sound the alarms! Call the Red Cross! Baby has a …sniffle!

If you’ve even been called into a living room filled with empty mugs coated with Theraflu and used Kleenex, a mound of misery lying woefully on the couch, and been asked to hand a certain someone the remote so he doesn’t have to strain himself reaching to the coffee table … then you know what I’m talking about.

Claudia, 30, says, “It's like one sniffle must be the plague and no one has ever, ever felt as bad as they do.”

“Of course,” she wisely points out, “the worst part is, you can't really complain about it because you just come across as mean and unsympathetic.”

True. Better to play sympathetic nursemaid/slave for a few days so you can cash your chips in next time you need a late-night Ben & Jerry’s run, if you know what I mean.

4.4. Not giving good phone.

Alissa, 22, has been dating her guy for two years. Her number one complaint? “He’s so bad on the phone! We're talking zero enthusiasm, very quiet, and I'm the one who always needs to keep the conversation going.”

You might think it has something to do with his personality. You might be wrong. “He's completely different in person -- very lively, funny, and talkative,” says Alissa.

What’s a girl to do? “I've asked him many times to improve his phone skills, but nothing seems to work,” she says. “So now, I just talk and talk and talk until I want to hang up, and he just has to sit there and listen!”

Read XBox Game Teaches Guys How to Talk to Girls

5.5. Leaving a trail of ______ around the house.

It’s as if some guys never quite got over the lessons they learned from Hansel and Gretel, right? Wherever they go, they must leave little markers, for fear of not being able to find their ways back to … the kitchen?

Jenna, the “Light-Leaver-Onner,” has this one bad: “My husband likes to eat cheese slices at night, and I’ll find the little wax papers everywhere the next morning – in his pockets, on the coffee table, tucked between the damned couch cushions.”

Well, at least they don’t still have cheese in them.

And Christie, 21, always knows where her boyfriend’s been by his trail of dirty socks. “I find those things everywhere! On the bedroom floor, on the couch, under his kitchen chair, you name it.”

Of course, despite these pesky little habits, we love our guys anyway. All these little things add up to just that – little things.

But it’s kind of fun to b---- a little, amongst friends, isn’t it? Come on, dish it up: What’s your guy’s most annoying habit?

My response to #1. He is not one of those light freaks. In fact, I usually find myself turning lights off at his house.

#2 He is so good about hanging towels up to dry

#3 You never know when he is sick or hurting because he is always looking out for everyone else.

#4 The man loves to talk on the phone. Its great!

#5 He is very tidy. He keeps his dishes washed, keeps the floor swept, folds the clothes, etc..

Well, enough of that.

My son and I are pretty conversant, and on the way to school this morning we were chatting about something someone had said about their Dad. It was not a nice thing. So I said... "Hmmm, sounds like that person disses his Father sort of like you do yours". He says back "yeah, I guess your right". I say back to him, "The Bible says "Honor your Father and Mother and in doing this you will have long and blessed lives". You don't have to like everything your parents do or how they do it, but you might want to honor them, so your life will be long and blessed". He was a little quiet and then looked at me, nodded in agreement and that was that.

Well, guess that's all for today, Ya'll be blessed.