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Monday, February 15, 2010

You know, I realize more and more every day that "God's ways are not our ways, nor are His thoughts our thoughts"....Let me explain......

When I was married, I had a M.I.L. that was more than hard to live with/deal with/understand/bear! But, I had no choice. Her son had no interest whatsoever in showing any compassion, care, understanding, etc... to his own Mother. Because I hated to see this (and also wanted to be sure my own kids would learn the importance of helping out elderly parents so that they would hopefully do it when I got old), I stepped in and did the things an adult child should do for an elderly parent. Checked in on her, had her come over to be around family and grand kids, invited her to dinner so she wouldn't be alone; encouraged her when she had cancer, offered to let her live in my house for a long time, I could go on....... This was, needless to say, exhausting, but if I didn't' do it, there was no one else. I just couldn't let that happen. Now, when I finally got divorced, I thought that maybe I might not have to deal with the M.I.L. anymore. After all, she wasn't my mother, right? Well, was I wrong! Her son moves 500 miles away. So, guess who makes sure the kids go over and give flowers, gifts, goodies, Christmas, etc.... to Grandma? Me! Not just that, today I go over and I give her pictures of her son that were taken with his kids on Christmas. Ughh, what am I doing? WHAT AM I DOING???? I am still serving.
WHY? Because regardless of my marital status, I am still a Servant of the Lord. I am still responsible to do what is right. While I was there I realized that this is a woman that for whatever reason finds pleasure in her feebleness. My guess is she likes to be felt sorry for. I prefer not to show her pity, but to show her sincere care. Today I chatted a bit with her and then washed her feet and filed her toenails.
Please understand this is not an opportunity to boast, but more to say, "Allow yourself to be used to help someone who cannot help themselves".
Yup, thats the way I see it.
I would love to hear your stories about times in your life when God has shown you something through a real life situation.

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  1. I'm glad God is using you in her life still Tina... it generally ends up growing both people. :)
    Love you!