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Monday, April 12, 2010

Can You Believe This???

Good Afternoon,
I am sitting here in my living room, resting after having finished a big cleaning job.  Whew....that was a fun one.
I was just thinking about how my weekend end went, re-enjoying the time I had with my kids, etc..
When I remembered something that took place that was hard to believe.
I went into my kitchen to turn on a little lamp.  It would not turn on. I think,  "You know, this is weird.... just the other day I threw away my pancake electric griddle because it had finally died; a few days before that I threw away my waffle maker, thinking 'it was getting old anyway'...figured it's time had finally come".  But when I went to turn on the lamp and it wouldn't work and a new light bulb made no difference - I knew something is wrong!  I then remembered about the fuse box and how sometimes they trip.  So, I go to the fuse box and try a few things and then, walla! Everything works.
Now, I am sort of bummed! I threw away a perfectly good skillet and waffle iron. Good thing I figured things out before I tossed the lamp and radio!


  1. LOLOLOL...Oh Teens, that's funny...sad, but funny too! ;)

  2. I've got a waffle iron you can have...

  3. Oh Tina! That is so funny. And a little sad for your waffle iron and skillet. I'm glad the light came on in your head before you chucked all your electronic appliances. LOL!
    Have a great day.