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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Happy Weekend Outing.......


It's been a busy while since I made a new post.  Well, here goes....
The weekend started out with a drive to Temple. 
After returning home from the drive I took a nice long nap, then had a cup of tea, read the paper and then went with my son on a nice long hike through one of our favorite hiking areas in town.  
Thankfully I took my camera along and took lots of pics. 
I hope you will enjoy the scenery as much as we did.
Afterwards we enjoyed a lovely dinner and now for a nice movie and some popcorn to finish off the day.
Hope everyone has a fantastic Mothers day on Sunday and I look forward to hearing all the wonderful stories this coming week.

~The entrance onto the path~

Look who we saw out at the park representing Texas........ 

This breathtaking view was ours for the taking, and we took it!  

Not sure what this little purple flower was, but it sure was pretty! 

Hey, I wonder who lives here....??? 

A Washed up Log.....  

Ben talked me into going across the river to the "Hidden Island"! 

As the hike started coming to an end I asked God for one thing, I asked for a neat sign from nature, a sign of His love.  I thought I would see a heart shaped rock, or something like that, but instead I saw something even more amazing........ 

As I walked along, my eye took notice of a dried leaf.  I glanced back at it and thought it looked like a butterfly.  I got closer and thought, "Yeah, it kind of does look like a butterfly".  Then just as I began to take the picture, I noticed what was right above the leaf....take a look. It's a Caterpillar.  God is amazing in the way He speaks to us, isn't He.  
So comes an end to my Hike.  One more beautiful view of the river and those tall tall trees that once sat with, listened in on, protected and enjoyed the company of American Indians from days gone by.  Travelers that followed along the river for fortune or a new life.  People seeking safety during times of danger in the early days of our Town. These trees are so tall and you just have to wonder what they have seen.  

"Tis the mystery of the River".

Be blessed,


  1. What lovely photos my sister! Sooo pretty, love the special one "the sign"...makes me wanna see what's around the curve. :)
    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. Great pics Tins. I finally got around to catching up on your blog. Of course, last night was a good visit. love you!!