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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What is Tina up to?

Well howdy all....
I have a lot to share.  First, the duck... if you did not see my update on facebook, then..... you need to go see it. Basically, The Goose got hit by a car and was paralyzed but is well enough to sit with the female goose who is still nesting eggs. The Animal Control League has place wire netting fence around the Geese with a little pool of water inside the fence as well so that the Geese have water.  There are still big warning barrels on the road near the geese, along with a new sign cautioning passers by.
So, at this point, all is well with the geese.

Next.  Some of you know that I have been working on my weight, I am happy to say that in the last three and a half months I have lost nearly 30lbs.  Good for me, I feel better.

My business is busy, I am getting new clients and it is growing rapidly.  This is great and exciting for me.

All in all, life is good. I would like to end this post with a poem I once wrote and recently shared with a friend who suggested I post it on my blog. So...here goes:

written by Tina Payton

In my life are many shoes,
Shoes that help me pay my dues.

My work shoes help me do my job,
they give me lots of bounce.

My house shoes make my feet feel soft,
like I don't weigh an ounce.

My sandals are for when it's dry
and I can go outside.

My high-heels are for dressing  up,
and going out at night.

But the shoes I like the best,
are not shoes at all,

But simply my bare feet,

and they feel best when I fall into bed
and snuggle them on my sheets.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Only in a Small Town

Hello to all,

Recently, here in Boerne, TX. We have had a Goose that has caught our local news.  Mr. Goose and his little lady friend never would have guessed that ducking into the bushes one night would cause such a raucous, but it has.  You see, she is now nesting her eggs and he is having to keep watch for traffic and anything else that might be a hazard to them.  The reason he is doing this is because they crossed the street, maybe heading for "The Dodging Duck", (A restaurant across the street from the river) to have some fun in the bushes, only to find that he was stuck there for who knows how long playing guard.  It's the craziest thing: This road is a pretty busy road almost all day long here in town.  Someone has put out cones and a caution sign so that passers by will be careful and watch out for the Geese.   People actually slow down.  Soon the little goslings will hatch and have to cross the street; I am hoping there will be a road guard at that time to make sure the little Goose family crosses safely.  
You'll notice if you look closely to the right, Mother Goose is there nestled in the bushes.
Here is Father Goose, watching the corner area.
This is where all the other Geese are, across the street from Mr. (I wanted to go party at the Dodging Duck) Goose.
The entrance sign to a lovely town: Boerne, Tx.