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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Adventure ~

Well, It's Sunday evening; I am just sitting down for the first time since Friday morning.  I am really excited about  my yard sale find this weekend and I would like to share.
I knew there was going to be a few out because the paper said so, and the weather was perfect.  I went to the "Biggie"... you know, the one that advertises of it's coming for about a month in advance. Yeah, well, that one was a flop.  I mean, either it was a rack of purses with tags still on them for $10.00, great price, only they looked like that was their origional cost.  Or..... They had things like soapy shower racks for five dollars.  Ughh, ew, gross.  So, I left there and headed for another that was so tiny, I actually passed it up once for lack of interest.  Well, I had some time to blow, so I decided to stop in.  I met a really neat older lady that told me she had sixteen siblings growing up.  Wow.  She got a kick out of me and my sister.  Anyways, I purchased a couple of ollllldddd little sofa tables for a steal.  Then I got a neat old and very uietaken care of rocker.... this thing looked terrible.   But, not for long.....
I took them all home and got right to work on the rocker.  I just KNEW this thing had life still left in it.  So away I went just rubbing New Life Oil into every square inch of the old wood.  I mean, I soaked it.  When I was finished I was amazed.  What once appeared to be a worthless piece of garbage old rocker, now looked like an aged, antique but well kept rocker with some value.
Now, of course I have to decide if I want to sell this baby at my booth in town for a NICE profit? Or do I want to keep it, throw a pillow on it and just rock away my stresses to the sounds of Spring? Hmmmm....
Your input would help.
But, as I write this little piece of info... I get to thinking about us humans.  How we can really get to lookin' pretty bad at some points in our lives.  Life's wear and tear can really do damage to our appearance.  And so often we are over looked because of our outer appearance.
Thankfully ~ God never overlooks us.  Ever!  He is like, "I'm here always, to the very end".  I love the feeling of knowing that no matter what.....God always loves us and is always looking out for us. What a God!
So, the next time your out looking for garage sales, don't pass the tiny ones  by so fast, you might find a hidden treasure there.
Blessing to all,
Tina :o)


  1. Where can I get some of that oil? And, do you think if I rub enough on Liz, she will come back to her original luster? On they other hand, I love your analogy of renewed life. As for advise on selling or keeping the chair — sell it for a huge, well-deserved profit. You're way too young to start sitting in a rocker and too active to really enjoy the peace and rest that comes with it. Get out there and race through the life God has given you. There will be plenty of time to rock and remenence later.

  2. John needs a whoopin' for that comment! LOL...(the Liz part). :)

    What did you end up deciding to do with the Rocker? I thought you were painting it for some reason...but it's so pretty, good thing I was wrong.