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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh Single life is SOOO Funny!

Well, Good Morning..........It is Easter Sunday today as I write.
Oh my, Tina... on the computer on Easter??? But why?
Here is why...
Last night my married young daughter and her hubby came by to eat and play video games.
I realized that my daughter would not be here Easter morning so I put together a big basket of yummies and gave it to all three of them to munch on while they hang out.  They loved it.
This morning, I slept in, went for a run and my son is out with his sister for awhile, so... Why not, enjoy some quiet computer time.
So, this is what I want to write about today.  Being Single.
You see, I never really expected to be single.  So, once I became single I suddenly realized how available I was.
Like, OMG - I can date now.  Wierd.
So, my first suitor was a real nice man, quite a bit older than me (lets just say he graduated high school the year I was born).  But he was handsome, had a real smooth demeanor and his eyes were sexy and he had dimples.  Not to mention he was a real neat Father to his sons and I admired that.  We were never an 'item', but we enjoyed each others company for along time.  We remain good freinds to this day but choose to keep that way.  Then came the musician: WOW, he was wild, fun, free, and he sang songs on his guitar to me.  How romantic is that?  He was pretty sexy to me, BUT.... yes, the big BUT, he liked drugs!  So... out he went.
Next was the Biker! Woo Hoo..Wild, loved to cook out, drink beer.  We went on great long rides on his Harley! However, he accidentally slipped in his coolness one day and showed me his abusive side.  All it took was one shake of the shoulders and it was 'bye bye'.  So, after a couple of months and by suggestion of a friend, I signed up for a dating site.  I had three dates on that before I cancelled.  Lets see: Date #1.  A little older, took me to a neat place out in the Hill Country with birds, and turtles, food, beer.  Than he wanted to cook me dinner at his house, I show up, he is in his P.J.'s, scratching his belly!  That was the last of that one.  Date #2.  A fairly handsome man, met me at a local eatery, than began to bash all his previous online dates and then sent me a letter telling me that I should dress different and get braces.  Done! Date #3.  Lets just say, I felt as though I were having dinner with my Dad.  So...after a  breath of fresh air and and readiness to head forward alone,  I was introduced to "the big guy".  Yup, this next one was a little heavier than he would have liked to have been.  He had great aspirations of making changes to be a healthier person.  He was a nice guy, cooked real good, very generous, but some of our life style choices clashed and were the kind of clashes that were (in a term I have come to learn).. deal breakers.
So, here I sit, enjoying a nice Easter morning alone.  Not for long... it's almost time to make Easter Breakfast. So... your married girls, enjoy your day with hubby.  Single friends, watch out - there are alot of interesting people out there (I say a little sarcastically).  Fellow aloners.... enjoy your time while you have it!
Love to all.


  1. Get out there. You've still got it.

  2. You should go by your apartment office and see if they have any groups that meet at the clubhouse monthly.. a lot of places do that. It would be a fun way to meet others right there in your own "neighborhood". There just might be another single gal or two who would enjoy spending a holiday breakfast with you! :)

  3. Hey Tina,
    I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the tips. I'll take all I can get. I'm sure there will be more posts with opportunities for your expertise to shine! LOL
    Thanks again.
    Oh and I agree with Kathy. See if they have a singles group or something where you live. Not everyone is always looking for a guy but maybe a friend.