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Friday, February 19, 2010

Excuses for not exercising!

I realized something yesterday: I am no longer the "Gladys Cravats" of my neighborhood. You see, I used to walk my dog alot around my apartment complex, but now, since she has been staying out in the country - I am not getting out walking. So... I cannot pick up on who's doing what around here. I guess that is ok, but it was kind of entertaining watching the goings on of the complex. Now if I get out to walk, I notice a bunch of new people living here, dang, I am missing out!

Really though, I should be out walking myself regardless of having a dog.
I truly am wanting to get back into shape (who's not), but I have found soooooooo many excuses for not!

Excuse #1. I am tired
#2. I am lazy
#3. I don't want to
#4. Maybe I'll just slim without exercise
#5. It's cold
#6. It's late
#7. It's dark
#8. I want to watch a movie instead
#9. I just want to relax
And of course my all time favorite:
#10. I have no exercise clothes.
You see, I have come to the realization that there is a 'uniform' for everything. We wear certain clothes to the store, the mall, to garden, to go out on a date, and also to exercise.
In fact, if you see someone out walking a dog in a pair of jeans and sweater - you think........ Hmmm, that person is walking thier dog.
BUT.... if you see a person out walking in jeans and a sweater alone - you think: Hmmm, I wonder if he ran out of gas? Or, "Why is that girl walking all alone". Or, "I wonder if that lady needs a ride".
Ok, so if you see someone running in jeans and a sweater or t-shirt, you might think, "What happened? Did he do something, is he running from the cops?"

You see, there is a uniform for exercise, they have a section for it in all department stores. Yes, cool running pants, shorts, shirts, etc....

If you do not have a budget to purchase these items, you are stuck in the jeans and sweater catagory. (That is if you can still fit in your jeans).

My budget is a tight one for sure, but so are my jeans, so I need to make a serious decision.
Do I go buy running clothes?
But then I'll ask myself: "Do I look fat in these running clothes"? "Will someone think I am a beginner"?
For goodness sake, I simply talk myself right out of the whole idea, and alas, here I am, still out of shape.

I guess it's time to take a serious stroll through the exercise clothing the next time I'm at the store; Ughhh, but then if I get the clothes - I HAVE TO ACTUALLY USE THEM!


  1. I have all the same reasons for not exercising LOL

  2. Hmmm, I thought I left a comment on this one already, but it's not there??? Anyhooo....since it wasn't one of the "suggestions" on your poll, I thought I'd add that I would love to see a different header on your page, something that really reflects you and your life! :)