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Thursday, March 4, 2010

~Life is a journey full of paths~

Today as I was on my daily outdoor exercise, I got to thinking about something and it reminded me of a funny thing my ex-husband use to say to me.  I tell you this because I do from time to time have flashbacks of funny things he said to me.
About a month ago I got to worrying about this.  Was I missing him? Was I regretting divorcing him? What???Why would I be thinking nice things about him?
Well, here is the answer:  I am really working hard on making changes in my life right now, one area I really want to change is negative living.  (Negative eating, negative thinking, negative talk, negative money management, etc...) Trying to be a more positive person in general.
So, I thought to myself, Aha! I am learning to remember the good things about people in my past.  Even and especially those who might have caused me pain.
I had to remind myself that I was just learning to be more positive, that is why I was not concentrating on negative memories of my ex.
Another reason we don't want to dwell on the bad things about people in our past is this:
Everyone is on a journey - right?
Okay, now you may have left certain people in your past on this 'path' of life.
However..... if you should choose to sit down on a bench and take a rest on your journey, someone from your past may just catch up to you.  When they do, wouldn't it be better if they felt good to see you and maybe even decide to sit with you for a bit and visit and catch up on life.  Then you would pleasantly part ways and one of you would go on your way down your path on your journey and leave the other behind, in their past.
Just something I thought about on my little outdoor adventure today.


  1. Good thought Teens. I've learned that bitterness toward others never does anyone any good. For one, they aren't thinkin' one iota about what we are thinkin' about them...for another it simply poisons our owns selves to think those thoughts. We end up hurting ourselves. So, as you said, these types of changes are part of a wonderful process of moving forward, moving in the right direction. :)
    Love you Sista!

  2. A beautiful outlook Tina! Oh and I had to laugh at your comment on my blog about using your jeans because of the hair dye on them. You could considered them tie dyed. LOL!