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Monday, February 8, 2010


Good day to all,
I have so much to share........... First of all I watched the Super Bowl game yesterday. Why do I say this like it is something unusual? Because it was the very first Super Bowl game, and probably the very first football game - that I have ever sat through entirely. Seriously! Up until about 2 weeks ago when I was at My Boyfriends house, I was about as interested in football as I was about Bungee Jumping over a snake pit. Really!
However... two weeks ago when I was with B-Friend, the game between the Saints and the one that has that Brett Favre guy... was on. I sat next to boyfriend to watch game because I like him and like sitting next to him. But as each play happened I became more curious; so I started asking questions, and he just answered them so nicely and easily to understand (because this is just the kind of guy he is). So, it was easier to understand the game, and now I like it and can't wait for next season. Actually found myself today wondering who I would start the season off rooting for~! Go figure!

Anyways.... I was online this morning and saw an article called "Men's most annoying habits".
Of course I read it. However, (and yes I am bragging)....I had to admit that so far, I have not seen any of these in my boyfriend. The habits were: 1-5

1.1. Over-zealous light turning-off.

I thought this was something only I had to suffer, but my writer friend Jenna, 40, assures me it is not.

“My husband calls me ‘Light-Leaver-Onner’ and subsequently walks around shutting off lights, including inrooms I am in. I’ll be using the toilet and he’ll walk by, open the door and turn off the light.”

But is this a green thing? A money thing? Who knows, but it seems to me that these guys are all taking An Inconvenient Truth just a little too far…

Case in point: My husband’s favorite line, whenever he discovers I’ve (yet again) left the light on in the basement laundry room, “Mother Earth is crying.”

2.2. Leaving wet towels on the bed.

A gal we’ll call Penny, 36, tells me with a sigh, “I had an ex-fiancĂ© who always, and I mean always left wet towels in the middle of the bed. He'd take a shower, walk into the bedroom, drop the towel in the middle of the bed, get dressed and leave. The wet towel would sit there all day long. Ick.”

Ick indeed. But why? Are beds and towel racks so similarly shaped that guys get confused? And let me just point out that she says ex-fiancé.

OK, some guys at least make an effort to put their things away…but when it comes right down to it, good intentions alone aren’t quite enough.

After reading our article on the annoying things women do, one commenter, “Bandijacks”, shared her pet peeve about guys: “The most annoying thing for me is when they almost put something away, but not quite. Like putting the dirty dishes beside the sink rather than inside, or putting dirty clothes on top of the hamper rather than opening it and putting them inside. Grrr.”

Come on guys, you’re so close. Close, but no cigar!

3. 3. Turning into big babies when they get sick.

Sound the alarms! Call the Red Cross! Baby has a …sniffle!

If you’ve even been called into a living room filled with empty mugs coated with Theraflu and used Kleenex, a mound of misery lying woefully on the couch, and been asked to hand a certain someone the remote so he doesn’t have to strain himself reaching to the coffee table … then you know what I’m talking about.

Claudia, 30, says, “It's like one sniffle must be the plague and no one has ever, ever felt as bad as they do.”

“Of course,” she wisely points out, “the worst part is, you can't really complain about it because you just come across as mean and unsympathetic.”

True. Better to play sympathetic nursemaid/slave for a few days so you can cash your chips in next time you need a late-night Ben & Jerry’s run, if you know what I mean.

4.4. Not giving good phone.

Alissa, 22, has been dating her guy for two years. Her number one complaint? “He’s so bad on the phone! We're talking zero enthusiasm, very quiet, and I'm the one who always needs to keep the conversation going.”

You might think it has something to do with his personality. You might be wrong. “He's completely different in person -- very lively, funny, and talkative,” says Alissa.

What’s a girl to do? “I've asked him many times to improve his phone skills, but nothing seems to work,” she says. “So now, I just talk and talk and talk until I want to hang up, and he just has to sit there and listen!”

Read XBox Game Teaches Guys How to Talk to Girls

5.5. Leaving a trail of ______ around the house.

It’s as if some guys never quite got over the lessons they learned from Hansel and Gretel, right? Wherever they go, they must leave little markers, for fear of not being able to find their ways back to … the kitchen?

Jenna, the “Light-Leaver-Onner,” has this one bad: “My husband likes to eat cheese slices at night, and I’ll find the little wax papers everywhere the next morning – in his pockets, on the coffee table, tucked between the damned couch cushions.”

Well, at least they don’t still have cheese in them.

And Christie, 21, always knows where her boyfriend’s been by his trail of dirty socks. “I find those things everywhere! On the bedroom floor, on the couch, under his kitchen chair, you name it.”

Of course, despite these pesky little habits, we love our guys anyway. All these little things add up to just that – little things.

But it’s kind of fun to b---- a little, amongst friends, isn’t it? Come on, dish it up: What’s your guy’s most annoying habit?

My response to #1. He is not one of those light freaks. In fact, I usually find myself turning lights off at his house.

#2 He is so good about hanging towels up to dry

#3 You never know when he is sick or hurting because he is always looking out for everyone else.

#4 The man loves to talk on the phone. Its great!

#5 He is very tidy. He keeps his dishes washed, keeps the floor swept, folds the clothes, etc..

Well, enough of that.

My son and I are pretty conversant, and on the way to school this morning we were chatting about something someone had said about their Dad. It was not a nice thing. So I said... "Hmmm, sounds like that person disses his Father sort of like you do yours". He says back "yeah, I guess your right". I say back to him, "The Bible says "Honor your Father and Mother and in doing this you will have long and blessed lives". You don't have to like everything your parents do or how they do it, but you might want to honor them, so your life will be long and blessed". He was a little quiet and then looked at me, nodded in agreement and that was that.

Well, guess that's all for today, Ya'll be blessed.

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  1. Oh Teens, that was a funny list of annoyances,LOL. Glad you had fun watching the game...we are not game watchers at all, so we went to see Mark Lowry and had a good time laughing instead. :)
    Love you!