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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hello to all,

Well, so much since the last post.  First, my precious little girl, (Yellow Lab), Delilah now has a new family.  Yes, she is gone.  I have raised Delilah since she was a baby.  She has been literally by my side for nearly three years.  It is weird not having her here but because my circumstances have changed so much, and because I love her more than any other dog ever, I chose to find her a place where she could run and play without the confinements we encounter here in my town home complex.

Other news... I had the sinus surgery I was planning on having; so far Nothing new, still stuffy, wondering if the surgery might not have been everything I needed.  So, now I am jittering away on steroids to help me breathe.

Also... in my quest to better my financial life, I thought maybe giving up my little business and getting a job job.  I began looking and even interviewed at a few places.  Nothing popped up.  Then one day I was sitting out on my patio enjoying the breeze and a glass of wine when it finally came to me.  "It" being the answer I have been waiting for.  How to grow my business.  You see, in the past I have tried to grow it, but to no avail.  I was hiring before growing, not advertising, etc... Needless to say my past attempts did not work.  I just never added more clients because I was afraid I would not be able to do the work.  Then, that day on the patio this thought came to me:  "You have a perfectly good business, why in the world are you looking for a job where you'll get paid $8.00 an hour"?  I thought, yeah, this is true.  Then I thought, "Add more clients, do the work yourself, save up, then when the time is right, hire".  So.  I figured, "Shoot, can't hurt to try".  So, I started putting my card out in more places, told a few people and before I knew it the phone started ringing more and I am getting busier.  So, looks like my enterprenour (sp) spirit could not be stifled.  I will march on!

Other news.... I had started working on loosing some terribly unwanted pounds.  When I began a while back, I think April or May, I weighed 180lbs.  (The most I have ever weighed - un-pregnant).  Today I am weighing in at 160lbs.  Happy to say.  I continue on to a healthier and more active life.

One little piece of entertainment for you, this little girl is so cute preparing for her day with a song! Enjoy:

Well, that about sums things up for me, see you again in a week or two.
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  1. Wow, 20 lbs is a lot to be happy about sister! :) I'm proud of you. What news do they give you on the sinus thing? Are they going to look into why you aren't healing properly?
    Love you!