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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Childhood Pals

Facebook.  When I first started using it, I found all sorts of people on there that I recognized from high school, cool. As time went on, they started posting little pics of themselves with eachother as little tots. I mean, like preschool days.  I did not have any of these pics because unlike many of my high school class mates, I was not around to share the elementary days with my peers.
I was an Air Force brat, that means my family traveled and moved alot!
Now, when I first started seeing these pics pop up from my old high school pals I was, at first, a little saddened. I thought, 'hmmm, I don't have memories like that with them ~ pooey'.
But, yesterday I got to thinking..... I did have childhood buds that were always with me as I grew up and I have lots of photos with them.
You see, my chlid hood pals were my five siblings - Guy, Deb, Beck, Rick, and Kath.
Though we were stretched out over a ten year period of time, we were a gang.  Sometimes we played together, sometimes just one or two would play together, sometimes it was just being around eachother.
When I saw the photos from my old friends playing with eachother as preschoolers, I felt a little jealous at first. As though I maybe missed out on something.  Well, turns out I missed out on nothing. I not only had the best childhood pals, but I still have em.  Yup, the six of us, though spread far apart thorughout the Country, are tight!
Yes, as any siblings do, we have our differences, we all have our own opinions and gladly and boldly share them.  However, we know deep down inside, that we could not do with out eachother.
I live near two of my siblings and we started meeting once a month over a dinner at a local diner; just the three of us.  No spouses, no kids. Just us.  We talk, laugh, gossip, etc....
So, as I wonder what childhood pics I might post on Facebook of old play mates, I just go to the good ol' family album... take a couple out and remenise on the good ol' days with my childhood pals.
I had five good ones - and I still have em.

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  1. I feel the same way my sista! Miss the silliness that we have shared, but look forward to the next family get-together. :)
    Gee, thanks for posting such a flattering photo of me! LOLOLOLOL oh my!