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Monday, March 8, 2010

Smells and Memories

You know how smells and sounds can sometimes take you back to a place in your life.  Well, I would like to share today some of the things that take me back, and why.... I would love it if you would share also...

Rain - Well, rain when it is just sort of trickling down makes me think of a "Peter Rabbit" video I used to put on for my kids when they were little.  It was set in England, and it started out with Beatrix Potter writing a story... and as she writes, it turns into the cartoon story of Benjamin Bunny and Peter.  Maybe it's my years of living in England as a little girl, just daydreaming out in the beautiful country side and soaking up those little trickling rainy days.

Patchulie Oil - Reminds me of my brother Guy and days from my childhood and teen years when he was around.  He was much older than me, and I really looked up to him when I was young, so that smell makes me feel good.

BBQ - Who doesn't like this smell.  This one makes me think of when I was a teenager in El Paso, my friend Shawns Mom often took us along to Chamber functions that were sometimes out at some remote but very cool desert ranch where there were lots of people, lots of drinking and lots of good stuff on a big grill.
It was just neat to be there.

This is a weird one, but smell of a burning Marlboro Cigarette - This reminds me of the freedom I felt as a teenager in high school when we would jump in my friend Kelly's car and speed away from school, puffing away as we headed for trouble!

The smell of burning leaves, or brush in the distance - makes me think of when I lived in England as a child. The cool air, the misty countryside scene and the smell of burning leaves in the distance, mmmm.

SOS (Avon's Skin So Soft) - Reminds me of my Mother.  When we were growing up, she would often soak in a nice long bath with this stuff, then get all pretty and dressed nice right before my Dad got home from work. She was a beauty.

The smell of the heater vent when you turn it on for the first time in the winter, kind of that burning dust smell.
believe it or not this one is a nice memory for me.
It takes me back to when my first child was a baby, we lived in a tiny apartment, and I remember going in the kitchen in the morning for coffee and smelling that smell.

Ok, another weird one - The smell of newspaper - this one makes me remember how the bathroom smelled after my Dad had been in there for quite some time. haha

The smell of a brand new barbie or barbie house.  That just takes me back to when Kathy, my sister and I used to get new barbies for Christmas, or just playing with them for hours and hours.

The smell of mulled cider candles - this one reminds me of my friend Kim's house in The Colony, Tx.
they always seemed to have a candle that smelled of mulled cider burning.

Peach pot pourie - this smell reminds me of the office at the apartment we moved into in Dallas in 1989.

Well, thats enough smells for now.  As you can tell, I am a big smeller.  In fact, I have such a sensitive sniffer that I will actually stay away from places because of smells, some just make me sick.  One that truly is offensive to not just me, but lots of people:
OLP - this is my name for "Old Lady Perfume".  I have told my children that if I ever start wearing it by some freak accident, to please let me know, and toss me in the shower for a good scrub down.

I would be interested in hearing about smells, scents, etc... that take you back to something/somewhere.
Share away -
Until next time,
Be blessed, be happy, be healthy ~


  1. Regarding your comment about supper clubs...go to www.cookinglight.com and go to the "community" section. There are bulletin boards there for starting supper clubs. That's how I got into mine.

  2. I love "smell memories" and have quite a few myself....the smell of fresh cut grass reminds me of when we would play with Teal and Tara in England and catch bees in jars in the field of clovers near their house.
    Any sort of new plastic makes me think of barbies, and I smell a lot of things just to remember them, lol.
    Funny, tomato soup makes me think of Mom....I'll have to share why privately LOL.
    And of course I completely share the patchouli oil smell memory with you! :)