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Monday, February 15, 2010

Time to get moving!

So, today I am thinking....hmmm, about 9 - 10 years ago I was chatting with my friend online when I mentioned my desire to write a book to her. She says to me "You have a computer, what is stopping you"? That was all I needed to hear at that time. I got busy writing, every day I was at it for a good couple of hours. I was so motivated, each chapter made me want to continue the story. About 650 pages into the novel, I stopped. I had come to a dead end. I had no ending. And so, the book went to sleep. It has been sleeping now for nearly 10 years.

Also at that time, I began to jog, I had never been athletic in my life; I had never been a runner thats for sure, but I began to notice along with the jogging that I was slowly loosing some unwanted pounds. I weighed about 160 lbs. Within four months of jogging and changing how I ate I was down to about 140lbs. I signed up for a 5k run (about 3 miles) and within two months I ran it and had also lost another 5lbs. I was looking good, feeling great, novel was being written, life was good.

So, what happened? Well, the 5k goal was gone, my running buddy got mad at me and left me for another friend, summer came and I got busy with the kids, and then fall came and it started to rain, and rain, and rain and rain! So.... I stopped running. I started baking, getting ready for the holidays. Needless to say.... I started to slowly gain the weight back and did not get back to the novel.

Why do I say these things, well... the friend that encouraged the book in the first place, whom I will likely dedicate it to, has since gotten more educated, more degrees, better work, more money, etc...

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not comparing myself. I am simply saying that when a person truly wants to reach a goal or get a task completed, nothing is going to stop them! Nothing!
So, what is stopping me?

1. Fear - fear that I may complete the book and not know how to publish it and feel my efforts were wasted.
2. Lack of motivation - circumstances can often cause us to loose our desire to go forward.
3. Focus - There is no way we can shoot a bullseye if we are focusing on too many targets. I was homeschooling my kids, working part time, busy as a church volunteer and working hard to keep my marriage alive.

So, Here I sit, thinking... Okay, its time to get back to the drawing board.
I still have the same fear about the book.
I still have circumstances.
I still have things to focus on besides these goals.
But.... NEWSFLASH TO SELF!!!!!!!!!!!.............. This is life! I will ALWAYS have to face fears, I will always have to motivate myself, I will always have other things to focus on. So, who the heck and what the heck is stopping me? ME!
Oh Lord, help me to get myself back on track.

I will keep you posted on the progress as I go; Not sure if I want to post my weight, but I'll let you know how things are going as I get back into the fitness scene.

So, that is what I am thinking about today, please feel free to share your thoughts as well.

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  1. Facing our fears is tough. Perhaps the hardest part was just identifying them. There are all kinds of platitudes about the longest journey beginning with but a single step, but step we must. And then, we must take another step, and another. Sometimes it is the journey and not the destination that holds the rewards, but we know its really the destination we seek, the journey just seems to get in the way and slow us down. Often we try to take shortcuts, sometimes we go back to the beginning and start again, sometimes we go back and never start again. If the destination is really a worthwhile goal, don't let anything or anyone (especially you) get in the way. Go get it. Do whatever it takes. If you need a push, shove, a jump start, or a lift — give me a call. I'll help get you going again.