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Monday, January 18, 2010

Wow, what can I say, it's Monday, MLK Day... the weather was beautiful. Perfect for the march, which I did not go on, but kudos to those who did. So, this weekend I watched a movie called "The girl in the park". It had Sigourney Weaver in it. Anyways, Sigourney plays a mother who after her daughter is abducted at age 3 she looses her mind in a sense and after 20 years go by she meets a young woman that she decides is her long lost daughter... Now the reason I tell this is because I noticed something interesting. When Sigourney was sad and alone, her apartment was blah and colorless. However... when she met this young woman and thought life had come back to her, she stocked her kitchen with food, put out colorful dishes, ate good meals with wine and even entertained a lover. Yet, once this girl left her life... Sigourney went back to the blah look again and by passed the lover at work. All of this made me think that we women are all so much like this. When we have joy in our lives we have 'color'. When we don't, or when we are sad, our lives tend to look gray, so to speak. This made me think.... "I always hope to have color in my life". No matter what, I just want to be sure that my life is always full of color, full of love, life, joy, etc...

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