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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good Morning, Its Saturday... The rain has passed and I woke up to sunshine, how wonderful is that? I slept late which is always nice, my bed is sooooo comfy.
I took the dog for her morning bathroom stroll. Nothing much happening in the apt neighborhood. I tend to be a self proclaimed "Gladys Cravitz". I have this terrible habit of being nosey... its just terrible. But, its kind of fun too. Last summer when I moved here I spent quite a bit of time at the pool. While I was not the most social thing, I did do alot of listening. I mean, you can't help it, people talk loud. So, I learned that one woman was trying to loose weight for an upcoming highschool reunion - and trust me, she needed to. Well, as the months wore on and I walked my dog.... I would see this lady and lo and behold.... she did loose the weight. I almost wanted to stop her and ask how she did it. But... I just walked on. Then there was this man at the pool.... he chatted with me and my friend. Then I noticed that he had this lady coming to his apartment like every day. They both had little kids, so I figured they must enjoy that and eachother. But... as some time went by, I noticed she was hanging outside of her own apartment alone. Looking sort of sad. Then one day I noticed another man at her place... he was not very attractive, but hey, I guess she just needed a man. Who knows. Then the other man, the first one she was with is sitting on his back porch with a friend, a guy. So I think, well maybe he got a roomate and she had to move on??? Well, then one day he has all his furniture out side his door, and I think he is moving, but then I see this other lady from a different apartment sitting on this back porch and he is grilling outside of her apartment?? I am confused, but then I realize that they traded apartments. Not sure why, its none of my business, but I can't help but wonder. Oh well. Meanwhile my next door neighbor moves out. They were nice neighbors, and you never know what your gonna get next. Thankfully it is a quiet guy who I think has his kids on the weekend. He keeps all his blinds shut, I am always curious about people who don't open blinds at all, ever. Then... there is this older man that lives across the way from me, at first he didnt live there, it was just a young man, like maybe his son. Then I see this old man and his wife living thier and then I see the son again. I wonder if he is in the service and comes and goes??? Who knows, its really none of my business. Well, today is beautiful outside, I really need to take my dog somewhere to play and run. My boyfriend wants me to come to his house, I haven't decided yet what to do. You know, its like I was expecting rain.....and then I get this gorgeous day. Its like an unexpected bonus, you get it without expecting it or planning for it and then your not sure what to do with it. I better figure it out soon or it'll be over! So long for now fellow readers and bloggers!

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  1. Sounds like quite the busy complex my sister. :) I hope you found something sunny and fun to do today. I'm off to clean my house, too much computer stuff today,...need some "real" activity. :)
    Love you!